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What is Aging in Place?

When you chose the home you wanted to grow old in, you didn't think it would be just until you got too old to live there! Now it doesn't have to.

Aging in Place provides modifications and products of universal design that are easier and safer to use as we age.

Seniors have three main areas of difficulty in their houses as they grow older:

  • Entrance and exit
  • Climbing stairs
  • Safety in the bathroom and kitchen

Aging in Place products provide solutions to these problems and more. Whether it be non-slip flooring, lever-style door handles, sturdy handrails, adjustable-height appliances, or many other possible modifications, there are products and designs out there to compliment any challenge you may find in your home.

Aging in Place allows seniors to save thousands of dollars a month on the cost of nursing home facilities, maintain their independence in daily tasks, maneuver appliances and facilities safely and painlessly, and remain happily in the homes they have grown to love.

As a certified Aging in Place contractor, Davis Home Improvement has the skills and resources necessary to help you turn your home into your home for life. Let us help you age in the place you love.

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